Data Points Keep Pratt & Whitney Connected to Customers

In the aviation world, data is king. Millions of points of data can be accessed from a single flight. At Pratt & Whitney, they are utilizing Big Data to monitor engine health which in turn helps the airlines and its customers. Lynn Fraga is manager of Business Analytics, Engine Services at Pratt & Whitney.

Lynn Fraga: How Pratt & Whitney is using Big Data to support our customers … we've really taken a three-pronged approach, the first being really about the customer experience. We really want to create an environment where we are 100 percent connected to our customers and we are 100 percent on-time delivery to our commitments with a perfect quality.

Lynn Fraga: Second is we really want to expand our predictive capabilities. So we want to have it create a no-surprise environment for our customers. We want to create an environment where we call them more than they are calling us.

Lynn Fraga: Lastly, it's really about speed to data and however we have that customer experience or being predictive, it's really about the speed to knowledge and how we are 100 percent connected Pratt & Whitney.

To further the initiative, Pratt & Whitney has developed eFAST, an integrated system of products and services for data acquisition, storage and transmission.

Karine Lavoie-Tremblay: This is the next evolution of our family of current products called FAST, being used by our sister company Pratt & Whitney Canada. We are very excited because what this product and service will do, it will give us access to full-flight data, so basically from engine start to engine shutdown. And you can only imagine having visibility to this kind of data will give us the ability to see the behavior of our engine and product during full flight.

Karine Lavoie-Tremblay: The eFAST has entered into service on our first platform with Bombardier on the C Series, and we are currently working on integrating that onto our next platforms.

Lynn Fraga: I think the big takeaway that I'm really looking forward to is an open discussion and really taking the opportunity to hear the voice of the customer.

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