Customer Technical Services: The Crucial Link Between Pratt & Whitney and Global Customers

Whether it is during office hours, a conference call with an airline in India at 11 p.m. or a call from the Pratt & Whitney Global Operations Center at 3 a.m., the commercial Customer Technical Service team can always be counted on to work as the link between Pratt & Whitney and customers around the world. The role of Customer Technical Service is to provide around-the-clock support to airlines, airframers and overhaul providers with answers to technically based questions about all Pratt & Whitney commercial engines.

For the 80 engineers in Customer Technical Service, customer satisfaction is their priority and safety is their mandate. Aprila Chatman, manager, PW1000G Parts Level; Walter Chandler, senior engineer, PW1100G-JM Mechanical Systems Components; and Jonathan Sullivan, manager, V2500 Fan, Low Pressure Compressor and High Pressure Compressor, are representative of the engineering talent in place to support our customers. "Urgent technical inquiries arise during all hours of the day and night," Chatman said. "We thrive on providing real-time technical solutions to our customers and 24-hour support."

"We have a tremendous responsibility," said Allan Zimmerman, chief engineer, Customer Technical Service. "People fly with our products every day. They expect to safely reach their destination on-time, and the Customer Technical Service engineers ensure that customers get responses that are quick, accurate and consistent."

The Customer Technical Service engineers regularly work with teams across Pratt & Whitney to ensure technical data are properly conveyed to our customers and the voice of the customer is properly represented. As a part of this, the team provides customer focused input to the Integrated Product Development teams to ensure that engineering product improvements reflect the operational needs of the customer. Chandler affirms that his role is fast-paced, yet satisfying, "Since we are a 24/7/365 organization, we are communicating with the customers and field representatives daily to answer all of their questions. The adrenaline is constantly flowing."

Customer Technical Service members also have the unique opportunity to meet face to face with customers from across the globe - Germany, India, China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and more. This allows them to gain a better insight into understanding the root cause of a customer inquiry while greatly increasing customer satisfaction.

"Our relationships with our customers are critical to our success," Sullivan explained. "By working directly with a cross section of customers, we can better understand their needs and build a relationship based on teamwork and trust; providing a better experience for all."

Chatman, Chandler, and Sullivan agree that working as a member of the Customer Technical Service team is a rewarding experience. "I get gratification from being able to provide the support which allows our customers to continue flying," said Chatman, herself a frequent airline traveler. Chandler added, "It is a good feeling knowing that my actions can directly and immediately have a positive impact on others' flight experiences."