Pratt & Whitney Investing in Innovative, 'Virtual' Technology to Rapidly Diagnose, Resolve Engine Events in Field

Pratt & Whitney is investing in straightforward customer support solutions with the adoption of an innovative technology platform that allows remote individuals, such as technicians, field support representatives and customers, to virtually collaborate with technical experts for rapid problem solving.

"By using this technology, we are able to engage in almost immediate virtual collaboration with technicians and field support representatives anywhere," said Ed Lagoy, general manager, Customer Support Operations. "This service innovation presents tremendous value to customers by solving their issues in real time and keeping their fleet running smoothly. What once took days to investigate and resolve can often be done in minutes and hours."

The technology platform, called Onsight, is provided by Librestream, an industry leader in virtual presence systems.

It is estimated that up to 12 hours per investigation can be saved by using this virtual collaboration approach when onsite support is required.

Other benefits include:

  • • Increased aircraft availability, due to expedited resolutions
  • • Enhanced field training opportunities that can be conducted via live video
  • • Improved operating efficiencies

"We are also incorporating this cutting-edge technology into our Line Base Maintenance and Borescope Inspection classes at the Pratt & Whitney Customer Training Center, where customers can see the benefits of the technology in real time," said Jerry Howell, lead technical instructor - PW1100G-JM, Pratt & Whitney Customer Training. "This platform has the potential to transform the way we identify and resolve issues."

Accessed via a software app installed on the remote individual's device (typically a smartphone or tablet with a camera source), the platform creates the ability to collaborate with a technical consultant in real-time by sharing live audio/video over wireless, cellular or satellite networks. The application includes the capability to allow the technical consultant to compensate for low bandwidth connectivity. Additionally, in the case of no connectivity, the remote individual can still record videos and/or photos and later conduct a deferred collaboration session at a time/location when connectivity is restored. Other functionality includes auto detection and remote control of camera features (zoom, lighting, etc.), on-screen telestration, and the ability to connect external video devices including borescopes.