Scholarship Program Helps Careers Take Flight

Pratt & Whitney recently welcomed recipients of the sixth annual Quality and EH&S scholarship for breakfast in the company hangar in East Hartford, Connecticut. These Central Connecticut State University Students will join our team as interns and support some of our most demanding functions.


Jill Albertelli: Pratt & Whitney is an American manufacturing success story; it truly is. We have been in aviation for almost 100 years. Most recently, we've had quite a bit of activity and success with our Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine. If you're not aware of it, the GTF engine is the quietest, most fuel efficient, green flying engine that there is in aviation today. On our military side we have our fifth generation fighter engine, the F135 engine. It powers the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter and is the most advanced war fighter on the planet. We talk about hiring and if we look more globally it's about 25,000 people that we will be hiring in the next decade.

Pete Teti: We started this program with Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). They have, for years, put out folks that we have hired into Quality, Manufacturing, and Engineering positions.

Mike Papp: Kids can come in and do a whole litany of things, from programming, machining, designing and hands on manufacturing. They can do Environmental Health & Safety, which is a big deal; especially with the environment and chemistry to make sure that the stuff we put out is good. And they can even do Quality disciplines also.

Dr. Zulma Toro: I have established three main goals for our institution. The first one is that CCSU will be a 15,000 student institution five years from now. The second goal is to make CCSU a steward of central Connecticut. And finally, we will be an institution that will depend less and less on state funding.

Rick Mullins: Pratt is a very dynamic place to work. It's also a very good place to learn a lot of new skills and to really apply what you've learned in school to real world knowledge. That, to me, is the main benefit of Pratt & Whitney.

Moise Bence: I do find myself working at Pratt & Whitney and the best part about it is that there's a lot of room for movement within the company. I look forward to learning about the many opportunities that Pratt has to offer after this internship.

Jill Albertelli: Right now forecasts predict that revenue passenger miles will increase from four trillion to nine trillion by 2030; so I'll tell you all that this is the right business to be in.