Pavilion Provides Perspective on UTC's Aerospace Portfolio

The Paris Air Show – historically, it's one of the world's oldest and certainly carries an almost magical mystique. So too, do the United Technologies companies – Pratt & Whitney, UTC Aerospace Systems - who have been at the forefront of aviation since the early days of pistons and props. The tradition of going beyond – of ideas born to fly – continues to this day.

"Well just think about it right? We have military engines, we have the only advanced fighter engine in the market. From a commercial standpoint, we have the Geared Turbofan™," said Jim Speich, senior marketing manager at Pratt & Whitney.

"It's driving changes in the aviation industry," said Eben Blanchard, marketing manager for UTC Aerospace Systems. "Being a former Pratt & Whitney employee and now working on the UTAS side I've been able to see the development and technology of the Geared Turbofan™ and of course you have the UTC Aerospace systems side, which is on almost every platform with either a system or component and we continue to growth our breadth and capabilities for all of those product lines."

Some of those product lines are on display for the aviation community at the United Technologies pavilion at Le Bourget Airport outside of Paris. From wheels and brakes to propellers, nacelles to the Geared Turbofan engine, customers get a chance to digest the full scope of what these companies can offer.

"We're debuting other technologies here, some of our retrofit capabilities, our new lightweight composite technology, along with our integrated cockpit," Blanchard said. "We have a lot to show off."

"This is one opportunity we get to put them under one roof, get all of our engines shown to them that we produce and be able to have them touch the parts, where else can they go out on the flight line and go underneath the hood of this engine and see all the externals and see all the parts that make the engine work," Speich said.

Working to make aviation – more advanced – more sustainable – more … historic.

"We can talk about our complete product offering as a United Technologies company," Blanchard said.

"I mean, how much more remarkable could it be?" Speich said.