Geared Turbofan™: An Engine for the U.S. Economy



About the Geared Turbofan™ engine:

  How It Works
  PurePower® Engine: You Have to Hear It to Believe It


Employee Testimonials on P&W Investments:

  Jamie Forry | Pratt & Whitney U.S. Investments: Amercon (PA)
  Arthur Weemas | Pratt & Whitney U.S. Investments: Columbus (GA)
  Keith Crawford | Pratt & Whitney U.S. Investments: East Hartford (CT)
  Gerardo Michele | Pratt & Whitney U.S. Investments: Middletown (CT)
  Dave Smart | Pratt & Whitney U.S. Investments: North Berwick (ME)
  Jazz Lopez | Pratt & Whitney U.S. Investments: West Palm Beach (FL)


Feature Videos on Investments and Technology:

  Pratt & Whitney Invests in Michigan
  GTF Fan Blades: Made in Michigan

Pratt & Whitney Employees Prepare for the Future in West Palm Beach

  West Palm Beach Growth Fueled by New Test Cells
  HMI Tower Stands Ready for Action
  The Georgia State of Mind is Expansion


Feature Videos on collaborations with colleges, universities and technical schools:

  Pratt & Whitney Employees Work to Inspire Future Machinists
  Pratt & Whitney Engineers Help to Inspire the Next Generation of Talent
  Demand for Machinists in 21st Century Manufacturing

New Building at York County Community College Being Named for Pratt & Whitney


For photos of the GTF in Washington D.C. please click here.